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At 3am (while I was supposed to be writing my essay) got the inexplicable urge to use my most awesome fandom present from [personal profile] thene =D appropriate icon is appropriate.

Magics Pawn Corrected Synopsis

Picture text: "Wherein Vanyel angsts for a hundred pages, gets his rocks off for eighty, and then spends the remainder in self-flagellation and wangsting over his dead abusive boyfriend while wandering morosely about a treehouse."
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So Foursquare Day is scheduled for 4/16 and I've decided to be a little bit crazy. A couple of people in the past have had the mayor's of their cities Proclaim 4/16 as the official Foursquare Day. The process to get something proclaimed for Cambridge, MA is ridiculously easy so I'm sending off an email asking that it be proclaimed. Hopefully they'll approve it then I'll have a super cool certificate to send to 4sq and if it's proclaimed more business in the area will probably be willing to do specials.

I may be taking my social media too seriously.

Also, which event are my peeps planning to attend? Boston or Cambridge? I'm thinking we should hit up both!
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Thatʻs a ridiculously long subject line =)

So as some people have seen (and many have tweeted/emailed/texted me) my epic Twisp and Catsby recreation in Minecraft made the front page of *girlish squeals of delight!*

And I was going to postpone posting this till I had finished my pset but I guess thatʻs not happening till I get this out of my head. I basically spent this ENTIRE PAX sitting in BYOC first crafting Twisp and Catsby then crafting my masterpiece. Iʻve got pictures of both and video of the second so have a gander =) OH, and I won a bunch of computer parts for the Twisp and Catsby (along with a medal!) so I guess Iʻm building myself a custom gaming rig this summer, and with a 1200W powersupply itʻs gonna be epic!

So yes, behold my obsession:

Twisp and Catsby )

A Minecraft replica of the ISS )

So yes, two days at a LAN party and I spend the whole time playing Minecraft =) I was atleast able to rope a couple people into my insanity, and Iʻm inordinately pleased with what I produced in a short amount of time with absolutely no forethought.
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The Minecraft Sculpture I built for PAX BYOC is on the pennyarcade homepage right now =)

I is blushing something fierce =)


Aug. 2nd, 2010 04:26 pm
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I should probably get my thoughts down about the con, huh.

I've been waiting for this convention since Prophecy (the HPEF convention in Toronto). It was supposed to be this epic reunion for my roommate and I. She (siobhan) was from australia so this was probably going to be the next time we saw each other. Well, plans change and she's hella more into the podcasting side of the HP fandom so when Leakycon announced their convention at WWoHP in 2011 she decided to go for that one instead of Infinitus :( which was sadface because I hate Leakycon and do not want to give them money.

AND I decided to badly sprain my ankle during 4th of July EPICelabrations, so that whole enjoying the park thing became epic levels of painful. Which didn't mean that I couldn't enjoy the park from a sitting and drinking standsitpoint. That I definitely did.

For my final Harry Potter con it was unfortunately less epic then I could have wished :( Mostly due to my stupid ankle. (and not getting to show off my tattoo in a place that would REALLY appreciate it because of the stupid brace definitely irked me) but my interest in the Harry Potter fandom really ended with Prophecy. I'll always look fondly upon my time in HP and the awesome group of friends it got me, but I think I'm finally ready to move on. Too what, I don't know. How bout some RPF with Astronauts? Any one interested?

Anyways, here are the trip pictures. And the obligatory random pictures of Nameless strewn in =) Also, I can't find my charger for my camera so I've been using my cellphone to take pictures EVERYWHERE. In the right light, it actually takes decent pictures =) I just need to start carrying a flashlight around so I can use it at night... or find my camera charger.

Hufflepuff Snow Man

Infinitus Pic Spam )

And yes, I realise it's a tad silly calling this a Infinitus pic spam when there isn't a single picture of Infinitus in here, but I made it to the free food and about 20minutes of a John Granger panel for the whole of Infinitus :P
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I'm so fucking swamped. I have to get in contact with my job in DC for IAP, get a hold of my uncle and make sure it's okay I stay with him for a full month. Figure out what the fuck I'm rwriting for my research paper, finish my matlab code for the water rocket this friday, do my unfied pset, study for the 18.03 exam this friday and be ready enough for it that I can spend friday standing outside launching my rocket before hand. I'm doing my unified lab all by myself because my lab partner is frankly a sorority-cunt that is apparently incapable of doing something other than drinking and puking with frat boys on the weekend. My inbox is at 0 only because i was bad and highlighted the 40 unread but only mildly important emails and archived them instead of reading. And my drafts folder is about 3 times it's normal size because i just haven't had a fuckin moment to finish any of the goddamn emails I need to send :(

And it's only tuesday.

I've gotten to the part of term where everything is bleak and unhappy and I can't imagine surviving because even though the end of the tunnel is not that far off there's atleast three fuckin bullet trains between me and it and I need to figure out a way to survive their passing before I'll even glimpse the light.

So I decided to start cleaning out all the drafts marked elljay-posts, so that maybe I'll feel a little bit accomplishment and maybe eventually get to the drafts I need to write.

Tattoos I'm planning on getting :) )

Lawl, that's very cut and pasted so my tense changes a lot. But I'm feeling a lot less panicky and ready to maybe grab some food and get to work on my pset. I've got an hour of free time, and I think I can probably get one problem done in that time.

And as always, MIT has killed any chance I had at doing Nano :( But i really like this idea so it's just gonna get pushed over to next year.
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So I am officially dying. Well, not really but I'm close. Today started off ok and then quickly deteriorated as my body decided first that it hated my brain and wished it to leak out of my nose and then that i was breathing too easily so my throat needed to swell shut. It then progressed to give me the chills and achey joints. I don't think this is the flu, but if I'm halucinating about zombies tomorrow then I should probably be taken to the hospital. With me, halucinations == flu type A. Yes, this would be my...2nd case of flu type A this year? I know i had one in january, and I don't think I've had it since then... So I guess I'm overdue for my every third month flu=hospitalization.

*iz not ded yet*

oh, and if I die. My companion cube goes to whomever proves they love it the most :)
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I've been meaning to take pictures and post them of Nameless since I got it on May 15th, but traveling, and then life, and then work and school distracted me and intervened but I'm finally getting around to it =D

Nameless is this amazing original-fiction novel written by [ profile] copperbadge (aka Sam Starbuck). Sam's my favorite fanfiction (and now one of my favorite fiction) author ever! He's written a bunch of story and novel length fanfiction from Harry Potter to Torchwood/DW to Stargate Atlantis. And if you've known me for any length of time I'm sure I've described a plethora of his fics to you in person so why the hell haven't you read his stuff already, hmmm?

Anyways...Pictures! I took a couple of these in Boston and a couple of them on the jobsite in Vegas (and I promise I'm gonna post a longer post about my internship! Consider this a teaser!)

Read more... )

And a quick review of the book using the LHM scale (mostly for thene and me):

11 Vanyels - I actually like all the characters =)
10 Moonwinds - Beautiful story, great plot (and subplots!)
10 Stendels - If it's apparently permanent position as purse-book continues this may also reach 11
.75 LHMs - I always finish the book feeling happy and uplifted
0 Leareths - positive influence
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Woot, dreamwidth account! Don't know what I'm going to do with exactly, i just didn't want to risk loseing my nickname.
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Title: Green Flash
Fandom: PotC
Pairing: Elizabeth/Will
A/N: I'm assuming that Elizabeth keeps her position as Pirate Lord of the South China Sea and that once a pirate is elected as the Pirate King, they hence forth retain that power and title, though that doesn't really play a part in this story. Also, I assume (since they guide the souls of the dead to the netherworld)n that the green flash must pop up when they show up in the real world. I'm really tired and don't wanna think no more.

Her vision was filled with flames... )
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Title: Come On
Pairing: Ron/Harry
Warning: This is post DH, so spoilers. Also, hasn't been beta-d or even reread by me :) Oh, and there's sex. Duh.
Wordcount: 960 (in 45 minutes...Pretty nice)

Spoilers liek woah.

The trio lay side by side in matching beds... )
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The launch was today. It was beautiful and perfect.

The auditorium in building 2 is always open for launches so that employees can watch the launch on the big screen. I got there two hours early (the launch was at 14:38:04) and sat in the very front row, dead center. A couple of interns I recognized sat near me, but I like to view launches by myself, without others distracting me.

The countdown was pure poetry. It paused at the standard hold time of T-9:00 and smoothly started back up soon after. The sky was clear without a single cloud. The winds were less than 10mph. at T-0:03 they ignored the standard hold and pushed on ahead. The water was poured on the platform, sparks were used to ignite the extra Nitrogen, and then the main engines were ignited. You could see the Twang as the shuttle tilted back and then back up into the vertical position, and then the SRB’s were lit and of it shot. People clapped and whistled and yelled. Everyone got silent again as we waited for the shuttle to complete the roll and accelerate passed the sound barrier.

And then the SRB’s were separating, once again people cheered and yelled and whistled. Coming up on T+8:00 the camera view changed from one on the ground to the camera mounted on the shuttle ET. Everyone got silent as you watched the belly of the orbiter and the earth turning slowly at the side of the picture. When the external tank disengaged and fell away people cheered one final time and then started filtering out of the room.

I continued to sit there, joined by two other employees, as the replays began. The absolute awe I felt the first was replaced with geekery as I noted the steps of the launch and went through the space camp checklist for launch in my head (grinning every time I realized how ridiculous it is for me to have it so perfectly memorized after all these years). Finally the camera POV from the ET was replayed and I found myself whispering under my breath the words to High Flight.

I don’t believe there is a god, but I do believe that there are some things so big that to personify them is the only way we are capable of wrapping our minds around them. That’s why the last line of High Flight just strikes me as so true.
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Touched down in San Antonio. Waiting for oldest brother to pick dad and of up from airport. My vagina hurts. Alot :( i h8s it.
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Yo ho, all together! Hoist the colors high!

Heave ho, Fandoms all, Never shall we die.

I'm horribly ashamed of LJ right now for everything they are and aren't doing and I'm doing my best to make a stand.

If you haven't been online and are completely lost, start of reading this report and then move on to [ profile] roaring's compilation page of the events. If you are interested in an actual dialog between an lj user ([ profile] liz_marcs) and the vigilante group (aka one person) Warriors of Innocence, look here.

Another great compilation post is this one on [ profile] catrinella's journal.

Also if you feel what is happening to our communities are wrong then tell LJ! Reply to the recent [ profile] news blog with your complaint. Email and voice your complaint! [ profile] ladybrighid3333 has a great form letter up here use it!

If you're up for telephone calls...
Six Apart's number is: (415)344-0056
Their fax number is: (415) 344 0829
..It's easy to delete emails. Not so easy to ignore voice mails and your fax machine spewing paper.

Please post about this in your journals and in your comms if this isn't already there. This is important guys! We need to ban together to not see this website go the way as so many others: censored to death.

EDIT: Stand up and be counted! Join the [ profile] fandom_counts community with all your fandom journals! Lets show LJ just how many of us there are!
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I know I have a couple of stargate fans on flist. If you want SG-1 to continue please click on the image and take the (super quick) survey.

It's looking like the only way we can get an 11th season is with a straight to internet downlaod release, so read this and then fill out the survey.

Isn't it better to get sg-1 online then no sg-1 at all?