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I'm so fucking swamped. I have to get in contact with my job in DC for IAP, get a hold of my uncle and make sure it's okay I stay with him for a full month. Figure out what the fuck I'm rwriting for my research paper, finish my matlab code for the water rocket this friday, do my unfied pset, study for the 18.03 exam this friday and be ready enough for it that I can spend friday standing outside launching my rocket before hand. I'm doing my unified lab all by myself because my lab partner is frankly a sorority-cunt that is apparently incapable of doing something other than drinking and puking with frat boys on the weekend. My inbox is at 0 only because i was bad and highlighted the 40 unread but only mildly important emails and archived them instead of reading. And my drafts folder is about 3 times it's normal size because i just haven't had a fuckin moment to finish any of the goddamn emails I need to send :(

And it's only tuesday.

I've gotten to the part of term where everything is bleak and unhappy and I can't imagine surviving because even though the end of the tunnel is not that far off there's atleast three fuckin bullet trains between me and it and I need to figure out a way to survive their passing before I'll even glimpse the light.

So I decided to start cleaning out all the drafts marked elljay-posts, so that maybe I'll feel a little bit accomplishment and maybe eventually get to the drafts I need to write.

Tattoos I'm planning on getting :) )

Lawl, that's very cut and pasted so my tense changes a lot. But I'm feeling a lot less panicky and ready to maybe grab some food and get to work on my pset. I've got an hour of free time, and I think I can probably get one problem done in that time.

And as always, MIT has killed any chance I had at doing Nano :( But i really like this idea so it's just gonna get pushed over to next year.


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