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Updated: 6 October, 2009

The name's Nakki (or tehnakki elsewhere on the webs). I'm a Junior at MIT (Michigan Institute of Truckdriving) and I'm a very geeky person. My one goal in life is becoming an astronaut. I'm a very big space nerd, and a complete fandom geek. I love mostly scifi (stargate, star trek, the original star wars, farscape) some fantasy (xena, gormenghast, doctor who, torchwood, etc.) and I'm a big fan of shows like arrested development and psych, webcomics like Penny Arcade (and more importantly PAX) and I am a huge Harry Potter geek.

This journal is primarily about my everyday life, when I get up the energy to actually post :P Fandom is occasionally brought into it, but I honestly don't enjoy ranting about my fannish-ness online much.

I'm semi-picky about friending as I do write so much about my real life in my journal, but I often will friend on a whim if I get a good feeling about you :)

Also, even though my posting has decreased considerably since term began, I do lurk and comment on eljay every single day, so don't think I'll ignore you if I friend you just because I'm not posting much.

I've been on hiatus from HIH for over a year now... I should fix that :)


Hogwarts is Home

Welcome to Hogwarts!
hogwartsishome is an active Harry Potter fandom and sorting community. We're full of fun Harry Potter related activities such as becoming a Registered Animagus, playing Quidditch, or even participating in Herbology activities. And, of course, everything you do helps work toward the House Cup!

Come get sorted at platform_934 today! Tell them you were sent by an awesome Gryffindor!

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