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  • 09:04:49: @SmallLady0 oh my god. I WANT TO DO THAT WITH MY TURTLES.
  • 09:16:54: @SmallLady0 hells yeah!!!! My turtles will be blinging!! I'm gonna bedazzle the HELL out of their shells!!
  • 09:26:22: @SmallLady0 actually I had a tortoise and I used to paint his shell with nailpolish... i wonder if thaths bad for their shells
  • 09:35:10: omg, A'tuin's "begging behaviour" has moved from cute to so frelling annoying >__< everytime I sit up to mute my alarm he goes freling crazy
  • 09:37:45: @cmdour yeah if there wasn't glass between me and A'tuin i would have punched her by now.
  • 10:43:39: omg, so much pinted aida!!! (@ Knit & Needlepoint)
  • 11:00:51: my butts too big for their jeans :( (@ Levi Strauss & co)
  • 14:51:32: prof helped with my code problems but now i feel like an even bigger idot :( (@ MIT Stata Center w/ 2 others)
  • 15:11:03: @SmallLady0 =( I am climbing into bed and not leaving until tomorrow morning =(
  • 15:18:58: @iamuhura @smalllady0 nope I'm stupid! can't even spell idiot right! *pulls blanket over head*
  • 15:31:52: @SmallLady0 ....well, i guess i feel better then, <3<3
  • 15:32:07: @jujukoo aww, <3<3
  • 15:35:02: @iamuhura @smalllady0 ha, not true necessarily true, but thanks for making me feel better =)
  • 15:38:21: @h_e_e_l_s OH NOES!!! How will boston survive!!
  • 15:47:02: argh, i don't know if I can work up the energy to go to the NSFW party tonight. It'll be so cold walking there and back =(
  • 16:14:02: Cleesh universe! *ribbit*

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