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I should probably get my thoughts down about the con, huh.

I've been waiting for this convention since Prophecy (the HPEF convention in Toronto). It was supposed to be this epic reunion for my roommate and I. She (siobhan) was from australia so this was probably going to be the next time we saw each other. Well, plans change and she's hella more into the podcasting side of the HP fandom so when Leakycon announced their convention at WWoHP in 2011 she decided to go for that one instead of Infinitus :( which was sadface because I hate Leakycon and do not want to give them money.

AND I decided to badly sprain my ankle during 4th of July EPICelabrations, so that whole enjoying the park thing became epic levels of painful. Which didn't mean that I couldn't enjoy the park from a sitting and drinking standsitpoint. That I definitely did.

For my final Harry Potter con it was unfortunately less epic then I could have wished :( Mostly due to my stupid ankle. (and not getting to show off my tattoo in a place that would REALLY appreciate it because of the stupid brace definitely irked me) but my interest in the Harry Potter fandom really ended with Prophecy. I'll always look fondly upon my time in HP and the awesome group of friends it got me, but I think I'm finally ready to move on. Too what, I don't know. How bout some RPF with Astronauts? Any one interested?

Anyways, here are the trip pictures. And the obligatory random pictures of Nameless strewn in =) Also, I can't find my charger for my camera so I've been using my cellphone to take pictures EVERYWHERE. In the right light, it actually takes decent pictures =) I just need to start carrying a flashlight around so I can use it at night... or find my camera charger.

Hufflepuff Snow Man

Froggy! Froggy!
A cute frog statue at the Royal Pacific. I thought he was cute with his litte drum.
The Adventure Begins! The Adventure Begins!
The entrance to Universal Islands. It seemed portentous...which is probably why they put it there... at the entrance.
Up Hufflepuff!! Up Hufflepuff!!
Obligatory pose wearing House Colours!
Hogwarts hogwarts, hoggy warty hogwarts!
Front of the Dueling Dragons ride Front of the Dueling Dragons ride
I LOVED this ride! We got to go on it at night. Riding the front row of a coaster at night is as close to a religious experience as I'll have until I get to outerspace.
Quaffles!! Quaffles!!
I wanted it, but WHAT WOULD I DO WITH IT??
The Chessmatch The Chessmatch
A pretty entertaining Live Action Chessgame that evolved into this free for all. I showed up during the ending bit so I was pretty confused.
Morag the Glitchy Witch Morag the Glitchy Witch
Morag enjoying the first (of many) drinks at the con!
Adorable Nails! Adorable Nails!
I grabbed this poor Gryffindor girl and took a picture of her nails all without asking her her name or anything else. They're awesome nails though!
Morag and Norberta I Morag and Norberta I
Oh Morag, lesbian cross-specious sex?
Morag and Norberta II Morag and Norberta II
The romping continues!
Frozen Butterbeer Frozen Butterbeer
It was SO delicious. And apparently less fattening then a frappacino? I don't know how all the kids at Hogwarts do not look like Violet from the Willy Wonka movie, post Three-Course Dinner Chewing Gum.
Peeves, Morag, and Claudia before Hogwarts! Peeves, Morag, and Claudia before Hogwarts!
Look at that fancy castle!
Hogwarts Singers I Hogwarts Singers I
The Frog Choir! They were brilliant! Video of a couple of their performances at the end. I wish they sold a CD of their songs, I would totes buy it!
Hogwarts Singers II Hogwarts Singers II
I love the creepy fake hands holding up the pillow. It's so ridiculously fake.
Frog Choir Performs
The Frog Choir performs "Double Trouble."
Waiting for the Second Hogwarts Show Waiting for the Second Hogwarts Show
I was trying to get everyone to look at the camera, but only Ciara did so we got this whole reciprocal camera thing going on while Peeves and Morag ignored us. Also, look at my baller Death Eaters cap. One of the only things I bought at WWoHP (why was their no awesome Hufflepuff goodies to buy :( )
Triwizard Show I Triwizard Show I
This was an awesome floor show! And that big rock in the middle was actually a speaker. So it's a good thing we didn't let Morag climb on it.
Triwizard Show II Triwizard Show II
The Durmstrang men were very fierce!
Triwizard Show III Triwizard Show III
The Beauxbatons ladies were super graceful!
Peeves and the Triwizard Champions Peeves and the Triwizard Champions
Look how excited Peeves is! =)
Hagrid's Hut Hagrid's Hut
You get to walk past it as part of the queue for the Hypogriffs ride. I also posted a video of riding the ride. Yeah, sometimes I'm just odd.
Flight of the Hippogriff Ride
Recorded while on the ride because I'm a dork and love rollercoaster videos. This was a kiddie ride so no loops, but still fun and definitely worth getting on if there's little or no line.
Hogwarts from the Hippogriff Ride Hogwarts from the Hippogriff Ride
I just liked how this pic looked.
Fanged Frisbee!!! Fanged Frisbee!!!
Why is this just a display and not for sale?????
Inside Zonko's I Inside Zonko's I
The random details in the shops is really what made them so brilliant. I didn't take much pics just because they were so crowded and experiencing them was half of what made them awesome.
Inside Zonko's II Inside Zonko's II
Right above the previous picture. Yes, those are extendable ears hanging from the ceiling.
Just another Hogwarts pic Just another Hogwarts pic
I love the flying pigs =)
Another Hogwarts pic Another Hogwarts pic
Yes another, shuttup.
Nakki at Hogwarts Nakki at Hogwarts
Took me 20minutes to get someone to take a picture that had most of the castle in it. Why do random strangers fail so much at picture taking???
Nameless Hogwarts Express Nameless Hogwarts Express
Nameless Butterbeer Stand Nameless Butterbeer Stand
Nameless Three Broomsticks Nameless Three Broomsticks
Nameless Hogs Head Ale Nameless Hogs Head Ale
Right before this pic I totes spilled ale all over my book. It still smells delicious weeks later.
Three Broomsticks is delicious!! Three Broomsticks is delicious!!
OMG, SO TASTY and incredibly cheap (as used to Boston prices as I have become) I tried to eat most of my meals here! $13 for chicken breast, ribs, corn, and potatoes. OM NOM NOM. Ugh, I am SO HUNGRY. I want to go back for the food :(
Nameless Hog's Head Nameless Hog's Head
Nameless Scrivenshaft's I Nameless Scrivenshaft's I
Nameless Scrivenshaft's II Nameless Scrivenshaft's II
Nameless Snow man Nameless Snow man
Except for the creepy kid in the background, I love this picture =) (That is totally a Hufflepuff Snow man, no matter what others claim)
Nameless Hogwarts Nameless Hogwarts
Or possibly just a cover for taking a pic of that shirtless guy there.
Nameless Hogsmeade Nameless Hogsmeade
Hagrid Fanart Hagrid Fanart
This was in the auction, but I left before it was auctioned off. It's so pretty and happy. =) I should have remembered who made it, so I could look up more of their stuff.

And yes, I realise it's a tad silly calling this a Infinitus pic spam when there isn't a single picture of Infinitus in here, but I made it to the free food and about 20minutes of a John Granger panel for the whole of Infinitus :P
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