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This is a reference post for me so I know how to play the Japanese Pokemon game I just got :)

Comprehensive GameFAQS Walkthrough

Comprehensive Marriland Walkthrough (w/Pictures)

By homerowed from here

The start menu is the menu right after the Lugia/Ho-Oh screen.

=Watts= (I figure I might as well make this sorta organized, right?)

When you transfer your Pokemon onto the PokeWalker, you'll need to earn watts to really do anything. About every 15 steps equals one watt. Your Pokemon will also occasionally find watts depending on its mood. If you see a little face, music note, or heart to the left of its picture, press the left button and you'll get 0, 10, 20, or 50 watts.


The menu screen:

From left to right: PokeRadar, Dowsing Machine, Transmit, Info, Goods, and Settings

The number in the lower-right is the amount of watts you have, and... I don't think there's much else to cover on the menu, really.


The left option is Sound; the right option is Contrast. Pretty self explanatory. No text, all pictures.


You can store 3 extra Pokemon and 3 items on the PokeWalker at a time. The top row shows the current Pokemon in the PokeWalker and the 3 Pokemon you have, while the bottom row shows the items you have.


First screen shows, top to bottom: your player name, the course you're on, and the time.

The next seven screens show the past seven days' activities in the PokeWalker. From top to bottom: - X days ago; X number of steps taken that day; X total days using the PokeWalker; X total amount of steps taken.


This is just used to transfer Pokemon, items, and watts to and from the PokeWalker. I already explained how to put a Pokemon on the Pokewalker, but not how to put it back on your game.

Select the PokeWalker option on the start menu, and you'll have two options. The first sends everything back to your game. The second option sends any extra Pokemon you captured, items you found, and watts you obtained back to the game, but leaves the Pokemon on there.

=Dowsing Machine=

This will be sort of image-heavy, but I think it's easier that way. Each try costs 3 watts, and your goal is to find an item hidden in the patches of grass.

When you start out, you'll get this screen:

Use the left and right buttons to select a patch, and the middle button to choose it.

If you don't find an item, you'll get this screen:
, then one of these two: or

If the item is nearby, pick one of the patches to the left or right of the one you first picked. If the item is far away, pick a patch two or three spaces away. You'll either find the item or go away empty-handed.

You can only have 3 items at a time, so you'll have to discard an item you have if you want to keep another one. If you already have three items and don't want to keep the item you found, just keep pressing the left button to cancel it.

Each try costs 10 watts. Your first goal is to find the Pokemon, and then you can battle and/or catch it.

You start with this screen and have to use the left and right buttons to select the patch with the [ ! ] on it. Press the middle button when you have the patch selected. From there, you will either battle a Pokemon or have to select another patch.

The time of day seems to determine which Pokemon you'll get, and from what I've read, three Pokemon are selected when you first enter the course. So, if you can't find a certain Pokemon, transfer your Pokemon back to the game, exit the course, and try again. Rarer Pokemon are represented by [ !! ] and [ !!! ] patches.

When you find a Pokemon, you'll see this screen

An attack takes away one HP bar if it connects. Like the games, critical hits happen every now and then, and take away two HP bars. The enemy Pokemon may dodge your attack, which results in you not dealing damage and getting attacked instead.

The dodge option will usually dodge the enemy's attack, saving you from getting hurt, and deal damage to them. Dodge can also do nothing, or cause the enemy to run.

The catch option works pretty much the same way it does in the games. The lower the enemy's HP, the easier it will be to catch. If you throw a PokeBall and the Pokemon breaks free, it will run from the battle.

Like the items, you can only have 3 Pokemon at a time, so you'll have to discard a Pokemon you have if you want to keep another one. If you already have three Pokemon and don't want to keep the Pokemon you found, just keep pressing the left button to cancel it.


Serebii's got a list of all the PokeWalker courses and the Pokemon and items you can find in them: Pokewalker Courses

Bulbapedia is useful if you don't know Japanese and need to know what the name of a Pokemon or item looks like. Just search for it in the search bar, and most pages have English and Japanese names for what you search for: Bulbapedia

Last, here's a list of the Japanese and English course names side by side so you'll know which course you're going into: Course Names

[ profile] rabbit_heart from here.

I have found a walkthrough online on GameFAQs, which is handy. I was interested in a transcript as well, but I kind of would rather be oblivious and figure it all out when the English comes out.

Buuut for the Pokéwalker. I found the list of courses on Bulbapedia, on the sites for each one is the Japanese name.

After you've started your game, the third option (your game - start new game - pokewalker - mystery gift - wifi - I think there's something else after that, options maybe). (don't forget to grab that Yellow Forest event via the Mystery Gift before the 10th and pick it up in the Pokémart). When you open the option for the Pokéwalker, pick the first choice so you can select your Pokémon, then you select course, then you line the Pokéwalker's sensor up with the DS cart (behind the DS!) and hold the center button on the transmit option (center option) and watch your Pokémon get sucked into the Pokéwalker.

On the Pokéwalker as you gain watts you can spend them in the left two options, furthest left being battles to capture Pokémon and the one to it's right being items. The battles will open in a four grass patch screen and you have the pick the ! grass to battle a Pokémon. The items are on a six grass patch and you get to pick two to find the item.

When you want to return your Pokémon go back to the Pokéwalker option in the main menu. You'll have two options. The top option returns your Pokémon. The bottom option just takes it's watts/items/Pokémon caught. I like the second option because you don't have to put a Pokémon back on the Pokéwalker every time. The Pokémon you catch will be sent to your box, the Pokémon you return will be sent there as well.

Other things with the Pokéwalker, when you battle if you win or lose you pretty much just lose watts. After about 8000-10000 steps you'll start to be able to get the really rare pokémon on the courses.

The Pokéwalker sensor is really finicky when you transfer. It has to be lined up right and it can't be blocked by anything. It's not that bad, but if you're holding it and you fidget it's likely you'll have to retry.

Other than knowing the course names and Pokémon and items found in them, I kind of just figured it out on my own. I'm sure there's guides online (not that I found any other than a youtube video for what option to pick from the main menu and how to connect).
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