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I've been meaning to take pictures and post them of Nameless since I got it on May 15th, but traveling, and then life, and then work and school distracted me and intervened but I'm finally getting around to it =D

Nameless is this amazing original-fiction novel written by [ profile] copperbadge (aka Sam Starbuck). Sam's my favorite fanfiction (and now one of my favorite fiction) author ever! He's written a bunch of story and novel length fanfiction from Harry Potter to Torchwood/DW to Stargate Atlantis. And if you've known me for any length of time I'm sure I've described a plethora of his fics to you in person so why the hell haven't you read his stuff already, hmmm?

Anyways...Pictures! I took a couple of these in Boston and a couple of them on the jobsite in Vegas (and I promise I'm gonna post a longer post about my internship! Consider this a teaser!)

Clicking on pics makes them bigger! View details! Ooohhh

Nameless - Already battered from my Love Nameless - Already battered from my Love
This is my copy of Nameless! It's written by Sam and set in a small town outside Chicago in more or less present day. At the time of this picture I'd had the book for ~20 days. It's already well broken-in, when dropped opens immediately to my favorite section, and has ephemera shoved amongst it's pages (comprised mostly of plane tickets)
Nameless dedication page Nameless dedication page
A month ago I was spazzing the fuck out on twitter and email because Sam was offering signed copies of his book at a higher cost (with the moneys going to charity) but it was first come first serve and I thought I was going to be in a meeting at the time of the posting. There was epic panicking on my part until @Shenface pointed out to me that I had my time zones frelled and that I would be able to sign up for a book in 10minutes not 70minutes like I thought. <3<3 @Shenface
Nameless at Leaky Con Nameless at Leaky Con
I received Nameless only a couple days before LeakyCon'09, so the book of course came with me! There was multiple times during the weekend where I was either knitting and reading Nameless, or just reading Nameless while many festivities occurred around me. It was pathetic and wallflowery but I didn't want to put it down!! (Those are the house banners behind Nameless, Ravenclaw was being a loner off to the right)
Remus Lupin (in Pimp Getup) molesting Nameless Remus Lupin (in Pimp Getup) molesting Nameless
And being that I was at LeakyCon I had to get Remus Lupin (aka Alex Carpenter) to take a picture with it! This was incredibly important to my alcohol addled brain and I recall stealthily tracking his movements before I got the chance to pounce! ((The connection btwn Alex and Nameless is slightly convoluted. At PhoenixRising Alex (the creator and lead singer of The Remus Lupins) read the part of Remus Lupin in a radioplay adapted from a fanfic by Sam. The book that inspired Nameless was called Animagus Winter and was featured in another of Sam's stories that had Remus as a staring character.))
Harry Potter (the elder) holding Nameless Harry Potter (the elder) holding Nameless
And then I literally ran into Harry Potter while leaving the LeakyCon ball and since I had already injured him I decided I'd pester him for a picture too, 'cause I could! He looks confused and dazed, that's the trauma!
Nameless in my purse Nameless in my purse
Since LeakyCon Nameless has been my constant companion. It does not have a spot on my bookshelf because it lives in my purse. I imagine once Sam dead-trees The Dead Isle it will gain a traveling companion =)
Nameless by the Eiffel Tower! Nameless by the Eiffel Tower!
And since Nameless is constantly with me, it also gets to visit the exciting places I work. Like Paris! Or...well, Paris' more gaudy, hooker filled younger sister. I was highly entertained by this photo because only while taking it did I realize that the Bellagio water show was going off. I’ve never seen it from above so that was really cool.
Nameless and me at work Nameless and me at work
And the obligatory pic of me and Nameless on the 48th floor taking a "smoking break" (If other people get to take 15minute cancer breaks every hour, I get to take 15 minute reading breaks!)

And a quick review of the book using the LHM scale (mostly for thene and me):

11 Vanyels - I actually like all the characters =)
10 Moonwinds - Beautiful story, great plot (and subplots!)
10 Stendels - If it's apparently permanent position as purse-book continues this may also reach 11
.75 LHMs - I always finish the book feeling happy and uplifted
0 Leareths - positive influence

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Date: 2009-06-05 04:04 am (UTC)
From: [identity profile]
Hey I took a pic of you, it's on Droxy FLICKR and one of my posts on Leaky. =)

Love the construction hat!

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Date: 2009-06-05 04:17 am (UTC)
From: [identity profile]
Oh cool! I'll have to track it down!

My favorite part of my job is hanging out in the field with my clipboard. It's so entertaining how people shape up the second they see an Engineer with a clip board =D


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