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Title: Green Flash
Fandom: PotC
Pairing: Elizabeth/Will
A/N: I'm assuming that Elizabeth keeps her position as Pirate Lord of the South China Sea and that once a pirate is elected as the Pirate King, they hence forth retain that power and title, though that doesn't really play a part in this story. Also, I assume (since they guide the souls of the dead to the netherworld)n that the green flash must pop up when they show up in the real world. I'm really tired and don't wanna think no more.

Green Flash

Her vision was filled with flames and debris when the green flash graced the corner of her eye.


For three months she had roamed the seas, fulfilling her job as Pirate Lord of the South China Sea, aboard the restored Empress. Sao Feng's second in command had, with her agreeance, taken over the majority of the fleet--though not the title--but she had kept Sao Feng's ship and crew to command as her own. She had to make a living somehow. She set her ship to pillaging and plundering, taking especial care to target the hubs of the East Indian Trading Company. And every sunset, stood vigilant at the prow staring at the sun as it slipped below the horizon.

When she first noticed the bump--for all she knocked Jack on his hygiene, she had to admit she was hard pressed to do much better when out at sea for so long--she finally thought up a way of working things in her favor.

They lay in wait for a week in a cove off a well used shipping lane. When a likely ship finally past the crew brought the Empress and set it in chase. The ship, a slow cargo hauler flying the colors of the East Indian Trading Company had no chance.


The battle was quick and clean. The captain of the Company ship was inexperienced, and his crew and ship suffered for it. With the ship crippled in the water, the pirates swung aboard and did away with most of the remaining sailors, leaving just a few alive but dying. They moved the Empress a ways away and waited.

Elizabeth sat on the prow of her ship, legs dangling over the side as the other vessel burned, bobbing lower into the water. As the sun dipped below the horizon a flash of green lit the sky and a ship appeared inches away from Elizabeth's dangling feet.

She set her feet against the clammy hull of the Flying Dutchman and leaned forward to press a kiss to the captains lips, "Hullo love."

"Hello to you." Captain Turner replied, running his hand up her leg before kneeling on the railing of his ship and pulling her into a crushing hug. "Though I have to say, this was a rather messy way of catching my attention."

Elizabeth laughed at that, pressing another quick kiss to his lips. "You should tell your men to get to work, and than I can tell you what was so important for me to flag you down."

"Aye. To work you lazy slags! Load the cargo!" Good natured laughing from the crew, as his men dove into the water and climbed upon the burning ship--a touch on the body freed the soul to be lead back to the Flying Dutchman.

A few of the men hurried to lash the two sailing ships side by side as their captains, each on their own rails held hands over the parting gap.

"So what was so important--" he was interrupted by Elizabeth's enthusiastic kiss. His arms slid around her and they pressed together tightly, kisses unhurried and soft, as he pulled Elizabeth closer he realized she felt different in his arms. Her breasts seemed to be noticeably fuller and her stomach no longer quit as flat. He jerked back in surprise and fell on his backside on the deck.

"Will what's--"

"Am I!"


"A father?!"

"Well yes."

Will leaped to his feet laughing and rushed to the rail, leaning over and gently laying his check on her belly. She cradled his head in her hands and smiled over him at Bootstrap, who was standing close by. "I'm a grandfather?" She nodded, too elated to do anything but grin as Will murmured nonsense to her belly.

As the night turned dark and the crews of both ships lit the lanterns, they drew apart, content to sit and talk about nothing while the crew of the Flying Dutchman waited for the last two Company sailors to die so that they could collect all the souls of the ill fated boat.

Finally, the last soul gave up it's hold on life and the crews of the two ships made ready to part.

"Elizabeth, when are you..." Will hesitated, not wanting to annoy Elizabeth by worrying over her and their child.

But she smiled as she finished his thought. "...Going to give up this life of piracy and settle down to raise a child?" she said. "Probably once I have enough money to settle down somewhere. I've been thinking of setting out to find the Black Pearl. Maybe see if Barbosa would be willing to set up some sort of alliance. He could captain both the ships, and I could set up a land base somewhere and they could bring me a percentage of the take."

"You'll have to sail atleast once after the baby's born. I'll want to see my child."

Bill Turned, first mate of the Flying Dutchman came to stand at Will's elbow. "It's time."

"I know," Will sighed with a sad smile at Elizabeth, "Unlatch the ships."

They both slipped off their railings and leaned over to kiss once more. "I love you." They whispered, and then there was only one ship floating in the darkness of the night.

"Captain," Sai Huang, First Mate of the Empress spoke as Elizabeth wandered back to the helm of her ship, "What's our heading."

Elizabeth starred up at the stars for a long moment before answering. "These waters are too cold for my blood, let us set sail for warmer seas. The Caribbean, Mr. Huang."

"Aye aye Captain." As the men set to work, making the ship ready for it's journey, Captain Swan stood at the wheel, starring up at the stars to determine the correct heading. And quietly she hummed to herself the song that always reminded her of home waters.


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