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Yo ho, all together! Hoist the colors high!

Heave ho, Fandoms all, Never shall we die.

I'm horribly ashamed of LJ right now for everything they are and aren't doing and I'm doing my best to make a stand.

If you haven't been online and are completely lost, start of reading this report and then move on to [ profile] roaring's compilation page of the events. If you are interested in an actual dialog between an lj user ([ profile] liz_marcs) and the vigilante group (aka one person) Warriors of Innocence, look here.

Another great compilation post is this one on [ profile] catrinella's journal.

Also if you feel what is happening to our communities are wrong then tell LJ! Reply to the recent [ profile] news blog with your complaint. Email and voice your complaint! [ profile] ladybrighid3333 has a great form letter up here use it!

If you're up for telephone calls...
Six Apart's number is: (415)344-0056
Their fax number is: (415) 344 0829
..It's easy to delete emails. Not so easy to ignore voice mails and your fax machine spewing paper.

Please post about this in your journals and in your comms if this isn't already there. This is important guys! We need to ban together to not see this website go the way as so many others: censored to death.

EDIT: Stand up and be counted! Join the [ profile] fandom_counts community with all your fandom journals! Lets show LJ just how many of us there are!


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