Mar. 16th, 2011

nakki: (PAX - Welcome home.)
The Minecraft Sculpture I built for PAX BYOC is on the pennyarcade homepage right now =)

I is blushing something fierce =)
nakki: (PAX - Welcome home.)
Thatʻs a ridiculously long subject line =)

So as some people have seen (and many have tweeted/emailed/texted me) my epic Twisp and Catsby recreation in Minecraft made the front page of *girlish squeals of delight!*

And I was going to postpone posting this till I had finished my pset but I guess thatʻs not happening till I get this out of my head. I basically spent this ENTIRE PAX sitting in BYOC first crafting Twisp and Catsby then crafting my masterpiece. Iʻve got pictures of both and video of the second so have a gander =) OH, and I won a bunch of computer parts for the Twisp and Catsby (along with a medal!) so I guess Iʻm building myself a custom gaming rig this summer, and with a 1200W powersupply itʻs gonna be epic!

So yes, behold my obsession:

Twisp and Catsby )

A Minecraft replica of the ISS )

So yes, two days at a LAN party and I spend the whole time playing Minecraft =) I was atleast able to rope a couple people into my insanity, and Iʻm inordinately pleased with what I produced in a short amount of time with absolutely no forethought.


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